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Clipping Machine


    This clipping machine is used in seaming the filter paper by metal tapes. The seam is tight and fastened well. This equipment feed the metal tape and cut it automaticly. Easy operation and high efficiency.


clipping machine

1. Output: 10 Pieces/Min.                  2. Filter height: 20 - 250mm  

3. Pleat height: 10 - 35mm
4. Thickness of metal tape: 0.25 - 0.3mm      Width: 12mm
    Metal tape coil inner dia.: ¢≥150mm  Outer dia: ¢≤650mm
5. Power: 0.8KW    220V                   6.  Machine weight: 650KG 
7. Machine dimension: 820mm x 750mm x 1450mm

Sealing Machine


    This sealing machine is used for the sealing of air filter safety caps.


seaming machine         

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