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 Spiral Tube (Filter Core) Making Machine


filter core machine

      This machine is used to produce the spiral filter cores instead of traditional process. It rolls in the galvanized coil sheet to form by extrusion and then to be seamed together and cut as per requested length.

1. Output: 20 - 25 Pieces/minute

2. Spiral filter core diameter: 30 - 75mm

3. Spiral filter core length: Adjustable

4. Metal sheet thickness: 0.25 - 0.4mm

5. Motor power: 3KW   380V

6. Weight: 800KG

filter core

7. Machine Dimension:
   3500 x 800 x 1380mm



Filter Core Circling Machine      

  This tube making machine is used to circle the inner or outer filter cores.


1. Output: 7 Pieces/minute

2. Spiral filter core diameter: 50--250mm

3. Spiral filter core length: 600mm

4. Motor power: 0.75KW   380V 

5. Weigh: 300KGt: 300KG

6. Machine Dimension:

   800 x 600 x 900mm


filter core rolling machine         

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