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 ZzHG-B 1100 Pleating Machine

          We produce multi-layered media pleating machines. This type of machine does the pleating automatically. Multi-layered Media Pleating Machine is well designed for filtration media , i.e, impregnated filter paper, glass fiber (HEPA Filters) synthetic media, various types of stainless steel, wire mesh as also combination of fabric and wire mesh duly stitched together. It can also pleat paper, card board, copper, aluminium and other metallic foils as may be required. This Pleating Machine is capable of pleating multi-layered media, i.e, fabric and wire mesh, multiple layers of filter paper etc. 

1. Pleating height: 4 - 55mm or 25 - 100mm          2. Layers pleated: 1 - 5  

3. Pleating speed: 90 - 110 pleats/min           4.  Max. pleating width: 1100mm
5. Thickness of material: 0.5 - 3mm               6. Speed adjustable motor:  1.1KW 
7. Power: 1.5KW   380V      Heater Power: 3KW      Heat Temperature: 200°C     
8. Machine weight: 650KG
9. Machine dimension: 1400mm x 1600mm x 1400mm
10. This machine can be made as customer's requirements.        

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